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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can't See Activity

    In your user profile is Activity Settings. You can activate and deactivate these activities in your settings.

  • Not Receiving Emails

    This software relies heavily on email usage. Emails are sent automaticlly through a "booking" like email. The reason for this is that the email server needs to autheticate and validate properly. So email is sent from "". Due to spam restrictions if the email comes from a non valid source, your email provider may not pass the message through. In that case emails may end up in a Spam Folder.

    To fix this - you may need to authenticate "" as a valid email. Information can be found on Google for your specific email client, or you may need to speak with your service provider.

    You can also try subscribing. If in the past, you unsubscribed, this is the only way to reactivate the email.
    Subscribe Link

  • Connection Lost

    This is usually a https:// vs http:// URL problem. If this happens your browser may get stuck in the https:// URL.
    You will need to clear your browser cache and data history. To learn how to do this, do a Google Search for "Clear Browser History" or "Clear Browser Cache".
    To avoid in the future, perhaps drop the website link onto your homescreen. Use Google to search for that as well.

  • Payment Not Showing

    This is a payment system and payment activity is tracked. So to book as a player for a spot or waitlist, you must have credits available. PayPal is utilized, which can use both a PayPal Account or Visa Debit or Credit Card. Please be patient with PayPal and allow the redirect to the system, or click on the Return to Merchant link.

  • Not Being Moved from Waitlist

    You will not be moved from the waitlist if you do not have credits available. Yes this is possible, because a credit is not taken when you book on the waitlist, but it is taken when you are moved. So if you signed up for other activity in this timeframe, it could possibly happen.

  • Cell Phone's

    An text is sent from "" - which may show from '999999' - you may need to authorize this email address on your cell phone. Sending may take some time, because it is sent from your cell phone provider.

    Rogers has a Accept Message prompt. Accept the message and read - and further cell phone texts should distribute through.

    Chatr may be using Rogers settings - Chatr Faq

    From WIND Mobile
    How do I activate email to text service? Setting up your text to email service is easy! Simply send a message from your cell phone to '' by sending it the short code of 4000.

    For Example: "; 4000 Hello World!"

    Shortly after an SMS confirming activation with be sent to you, letting you know that your mailbox has been activated and your message has been prompted for delivery.

    FIDO Email to Text

    Bell and Telus seem to work fine with no issues.

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